Zdjęcie EFN-31

EFN’19 is the next edition of the MMA and K1 gala in one place.

This time we will meet in Arena in the city of Torun accompanied by 5,000 spectators! The well-known and defending his title Damian Domachowski will enter the cage! Damian in a spectacular way came out of the cage during EFN'18, knocking out his opponent, thus not remaining in it for 15 minutes, as he announced. Opposite him, Łukasz Górecki will be in the cage. This fight raises a lot of controversy and divides the city of Torun into two halves. Let’s see who comes out of the cage and who will be lying in it! For the second time in our octagon, we will see Janu Da Cruz, who in a way unclear for many of you, left the cage on a stretcher losing the fight with Damian Waluch. Janu has the opportunity and wants to show that he can win at EFN and he will do it in a spectacular way. Come see the BEAST! A long-awaited professional debut of Anita Bekus is waiting for us! This competitor from The Shark Team from Lodz, trained under the supervision of Łukasz Zaborowski and Marcin Wrzoska, is ready to show that the cage is her natural environment! Come and see 110% of Anita! The whole fight card will be available soon on our website: efn.pl, and on fb and insta profiles: enviofightnight.

Tickets can be purchased in three variants:

Golden Circle is a place directly at the cage, where you can see spectacular knockouts and gushing blood from a distance of even 1 meter. In addition, you get:

– separate entrance
– unlimited catering
– unlimited access to the bar.

VIP and VIP1 ticket, which will allow you to enjoy the great atmosphere on the stand on the main field, and you will enter it with a separate entrance avoiding waiting in the queue.

A normal ticket in the stands that will allow you to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the event and see it live.

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