Regulatory changes and new fine schedule 2022

Recently, we have increasingly witnessed the introduction of new tightening, regarding traffic laws. After the rather significant change that every driver faced with the beginning of this year, those in power have decided to introduce even stricter rules for driving on public roads. As of September 17, 2022, new provisions of the Highway Code come into force, which will unscrupulously punish for even the smallest offenses.

The new 2022 fine tariff – what does it bring with it?

The changes to the 2021 fine tariff, which went into effect in January of this year, were already in themselves quite a challenge for drivers. It was especially felt by professional drivers, who tie their entire lives to motor vehicles. The decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA) regarding changes to the Highway Code came into force on January 1, 2022. As it now turns out, on September 17 there was a sort of update of the penalties for certain offenses.

Compared to 2021, the maximum fine increased from PLN 500 to PLN 5,000. The same applies to fines issued for unjustified referral of a request for punishment to court. Previously, such an amount was PLN 5000, and now we can expect up to six times that amount. The use of training to reduce penalty points has also been made impossible. And most importantly, the concept of recidivism has emerged to punish drivers who repeat the same offense twice.

What has changed in the allocation of penalty points?

The topic that is currently penalty points 2022 is constantly on everyone’s tongues. As a reminder, the number of penalty points, which obliges law enforcement agencies to revoke a driver’s privileges, is still 24 (20 for juvenile drivers in the first year of validity of the driver’s license). Nevertheless, this number is now much easier to obtain. Just for exceeding the speed limit by at least 50 km/h, a police officer has the right to punish the driver with 15 penalty points. When this is compounded by unfastened seat belts or overtaking in an undesignated place, the driver’s license can be permanently revoked.

As it turns out, a penalty of 15 penalty points can be received for as many as twelve offenses. Undoubtedly, the main ones include driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to stop for inspection or causing a traffic crash. Among them we will also find, increasingly punished, failure to give precedence to a pedestrian at a crosswalk. Until now, penalized drivers have had the option of additional training, significantly reducing the number of points collected. As of September 17, 2022, such an arrangement has been fully abolished. The most important news regarding penalty points, however, is the extension of their cancellation period from one year, to two years.

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September 2021 and a year later – changes in the amounts of fines for offenses

In January, we witnessed the introduction of stricter changes in traffic regulations. The difference between the previous and new fine rates could make drivers dizzy. The new fine schedule, which has been in effect since September, does not make such a colossal difference at first glance. However, when you take a deeper look at it, you can see there the amounts capable of significantly depleting our wallets. As a reminder of how much the fine rates have changed over the year, here is a list of sample offenses.

A summary of the amounts of fines for individual offenses in September 2021 and 2022:

taryfikator mandatów 2022- tabela

It should be noted that the offenses listed in the table are only a selection of the dozens of changes in traffic regulations. Among the others, we can include, for example, penalties for bypassing barriers at a railroad crossing (PLN 2,000), causing a collision with damage to the health of those involved (PLN 2,500) or failing to identify the driver of a vehicle responsible for committing any crime (PLN 4,000).

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Speeding fines in 2022

The rates of speeding fines relative to January this year have not changed significantly. Of course, it cannot be said that they are low. On the contrary, they are colossal amounts causing a significant number of drivers to take their foot off the gas at the thought of them. The amounts of fines depend primarily on the degree of speeding, so they are:

– 50 zloty – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place up to 10 km/h;

– 100 zloty – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 11 – 15 km/h;

– 200 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 16 – 20 km/h;

– 300 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 21 – 25 km/h;

– 400 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 26 – 30 km/h;

– 800 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 31 – 40 km/h;

– 1000 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 41 – 50 km/h;

– 1500 zł – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 51 – 60 km/h;

– 2000 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by 61 – 70 km/h;

– 2,500 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit in a given place by more than 71 km/h.

Recidivism in the fine tariff – punishment for repeat offenders

Repeat offenders will be punished twice. This was the idea of those in power, who decided to significantly tighten the law for repeat offenders. This term is used to refer to people who commit the same section offenses twice within two years. The provision is expected to apply to, for example, speeding from 30 km/h over the speed limit, driving after alcohol or collisions.

When compiling the list of speeding fines earlier, we did not take into account the recidivism introduced from September 17, 2022. Having done so, the situation clarifies more or less like this:

– PLN 1600 – for exceeding the speed limit by 31 – 40 km / h under recidivism;

– 2000 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit by 41 – 50 km/h as a repeat offender;

– 3000 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit by 51 – 60 km/h as a repeat offender;

– 4000 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit by 61 – 70 km/h as a repeat offender;

– 5000 zlotys – for exceeding the speed limit by more than 71 km/h as a repeat offender.

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