Automatyzacja w magazynach

Automation in warehouses and its impact on work efficiency

The technological revolution currently taking place under the name of Industry 4.0 consists in transforming enterprises and adapting them to modern standards. For this purpose, the necessary software and automation elements are used to ensure communication on the machine-human plane. The constantly advancing robotization of industrial processes is caused by the increased demand for individual customer expectations, due to the emergence of the trend of personalizing products and services. It is no different with the automation of warehouses - there, the increased level of security and the lack of downtime translate into an increase in the efficiency of all activities carried out in the hall. Optimization of processes in warehouses - what does it include? With today's technological possibilities, almost every activity so far performed by humans can be automated. Entrepreneurs, however, decide to gradually optimize processes and in most cases avoid one-off renovations in all sectors of the company. This is, of course, caused by high costs and too long downtime. As you know, the automatic warehouse is governed by algorithms, machines and the necessary software. This is to reduce human effort to an absolute minimum, and at the same time increase the accuracy and speed of the work performed. It is therefore intended for companies that want to increase work efficiency without the need to hire additional employees. The scope of automation in warehouses can include both assistance in the physical delivery of goods to the racks and monitoring the presence of all products available in the hall. The first issue concerns AGV trolleys, as well as automatic lifts and lifts, which are currently gaining a lot of popularity. The work of forklifts controlled by human labor is therefore gradually being replaced in favor of more efficient and space-saving robotics. It is also easier to locate goods on the shelves, all thanks to RFID identification, which transfers data to the appropriate WMS systems. Of course, other elements of automation in the warehousing sector can also include: quality control, assistance in unloading and loading goods on trucks, creating schedules with a detailed cargo flow plan, as well as preparing goods for shipment. Benefits of warehouse automation The operation of a warehouse based entirely on manual labor is still possible today. However, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to develop the company solidly and increase its efficiency in this way. The increasing costs of employing a team of employees are slowly beginning to exceed the possible profits from the services provided. In addition, there is the competitiveness of other warehouses that have long ago decided to implement automation elements in their structures. Although at the moment there is no need to introduce innovations to the company, it cannot be denied that in the near future it will be simply unavoidable. Of course, the automation itself should also be carried out in a thoughtful way. In the case of the gradual implementation of modern technology, it is worth investing only in the necessary systems that will actually improve the flow of cargo through the hall. The most important in the context of automated warehouses is the fact that they can work seven days a week, without the need for any downtime. In addition, automation based on algorithms allows you to reduce the number of errors, and is also characterized by much greater accuracy of the work performed. Thanks to the possibility of remotely locating the goods on the rack, the execution of orders will be much faster, which is tantamount to increased comfort of work and a cool head for all specialists. In addition, the introduction of work scheduling systems allows for cost predictability and completely fills any time gap that would require downtime without software. Maximum space filling is another of the advantages of this type of activity. Automatic carts and lifts move along specific paths, which means that the racks are placed in close proximity to each other. Such density allows the installation of even several additional racks in the same storage space. Warehouse automation from the employee's perspective The entrepreneur sees automation as a completely new stage in managing his company. The implementation of modern technology in its structures is to increase work efficiency, minimize errors, and thus lead to a quick return on investment and higher earnings.

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