Hidden costs of general cargo transportation

Less-than-truckload transportation is one of the most commonly performed services of the TSL sector. At the same time, its organization can prove to be extremely complicated, which consists of a number of individual factors. The selection of the means of transport, the adjustment of the transport route to several dispersed recipients, or the proper placement in the semi-trailer of cargoes of different sizes and dimensions - these are selected among many tasks, requiring from forwarders and logisticians a mass of work and a huge amount of effort put in.

Although the cost of general cargo transportation is determined individually for all customers, specialists use uniform guidelines when preparing an overall quote. However, it happens that carriers charge their contractors additional costs, the existence of which they do not necessarily want to inform them.

What are groupage shipments?
The definition of less-than-truckload transport includes the delivery of goods of small dimensions, transported from the place of shipment to the destination. These cargoes are otherwise called part loads, but in most cases the English terminology LTL – less than truckload – is used to describe them.

The type of transport in question is intended for private individuals or entrepreneurs who, wanting to send cargo to a specific destination at the lowest possible cost, are not able to fill the entire loading space of the vehicle with it. Therefore, when organizing less-than-truckload transportation, shippers try to draw a route

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