Road tolls collected directly from the tachograph? They will soon become a reality

Second generation smart tachographs are slowly becoming a reality in the transport industry. The obligation to install them in new vehicles will be introduced from August this year, while owners of older trucks will still have two years to replace these devices. The modern tachograph will have a number of functions related to the enforcement of driving time and the delegation of drivers. However, there are more and more voices that there is going to be a revolution regarding toll collection on the route. It is the second-generation tachographs that are to replace the OBU on-board devices, and the project itself is allegedly already at the testing stage. Who initiated the work on the new toll collection system? The innovative tachograph charging technology project is the result of collaboration between Axxès and Continental. It is to prevent the need to use separate OBU on-board devices to incur costs for traveling on toll highways. The scheme of operation is to be based on the use of data from the second generation tachograph and cloud computing technology. All equipment is built by Continental, while Axxès is responsible for uploading data to the cloud and improving the customer experience. The link between the tachograph and the virtual platform is in this case VDO Link, attached to the front panel of the tachograph. Tachographs 2.0 - one device, all functions The provisions contained in the Mobility Package Act adopted by the European Commission require all companies from the TSL sector to replace tachographs with new ones by August 2025. It is therefore obvious that most fleet managers will decide to move away from the OBU (On-Board Unit) and invest in a tachograph with a built-in toll system. The device is to be additionally equipped with a satellite navigation receiver and a DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) modem, which mainly performs a control function. Each tachograph will be signed with an individual identification key, thanks to which the transfer of data to the cloud will become fully authorized. The purpose of introducing the second generation of tachographs is mainly to facilitate the work of drivers and automatically send reports on crossing the border. Although the function of collecting tolls from these devices is not one of the requirements set by the EC, it is definitely better to buy such a tachograph when it will be available on the market. Plug-and-Play for improved efficiency All VDO modules attached to tachographs will be based on Plug-and-Play technology. This means that their assembly and installation does not require a visit to the workshop, and the only activity needed to be performed is registration. Connecting the tachograph to the cloud will take place as soon as the equipment is turned on. This means that both fleet managers and drivers will have ongoing access to all information related to the vehicle. A revolution in the transport market Continental representatives ensure that the introduction of the toll technology collected directly from the tachograph will fully revolutionize the TSL industry. The release date of such devices is not yet known, but due to the regulations currently entering into force for EU Member States, it may take place sooner than anyone would have thought. The solution of a modern tachograph is to guarantee a coherent interface, thanks to which each user will be able to access the information needed at a given moment. The announcements show that the installation of such devices is to improve logistics, reduce costs and guarantee a high level of safety.

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